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FloorRight™ Features

FloorRight's™ features are designed to give an advantage to the user who works under severe time pressures, has to handle a high volume of work, often including very large jobs, who meets stiff competition from others in the contract/commercial field, who must be seen to be a top professional and who often has to deal with repetitive specification changes.

Entering Rooms
FloorRight™ allows for the creation of rectangular, polygon or curved rooms. Each room can have borders, holes, windows, doors or transitions. FloorRight™ will automatically avoid putting seams near doors, windows and transitions.

Editing Tiles
FloorRight's™ tile feature allows you to create and easily fill a room with custom tile patterns. FloorRight™ even lets you decide how and if you want to use scrap pieces of tile to fill the edges of the room.

Digitizer Support*
FloorRight™ Commercial allows the entry of rooms by using a wide variety of digitizers.
AutoCAD™ Import*
FloorRight™ Commercial has the ability to import AutoCAD™ DXF, DWG and DWF files. You also have the option of exporting a FloorRight™ file as an AutoCAD™ file.
Job Estimate
Once you have your job entered in FloorRight™, simply click a button to get your total job estimate. This estimate not only includes the price of the carpet, but also the cost of the pad, labor, or any other expense that you incur.
Disto Import
For quick entry to large jobs, FloorRight™ supports the bluetooth enabled Disto-Plus by Leica Geosystems. Simply measure the room wall by wall, and watch the room being created in FloorRight's™ Disto Interface.
Stock View
After entering all a job's rooms, FloorRight™ uses a powerful boolean engine to determine the optimal layout for your job. If you wish to change this layout slightly, you can add user-seams to a room, or even move the stock around on the roll until you get the perfect cut.
Report Designer*
Generating reports are a vital part of any job. FloorRight™ not only comes with several common reports, but the Commercial version also contains a report designer that allows you to create any type of custom report you need.

*Only Available with FloorRight™ Commercial Version

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